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Your Responsibilities as a Buy to Let Landlord

  Buy to Let Advice: Your Responsibilities as a Buy to Let Landlord As a landlord, you will be required to ensure that the property complies with fire regulations such as installing smoke detectors, ideally on all floors, and possibly fire doors. You should install a fire extinguisher and fire blanket in the kitchen. To…

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What is a Trust?

What is a Trust? One of the reasons a Trust can be set up to is specify who will receive your life insurance proceeds in the event of death. If your life insurance policy is ‘Written In Trust’ then, in the event of the claim, the insurance company pays the sum assured via the Trustees to…

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Shared Ownership and Shared Equity – Explained

Shared Ownership and Shared Equity – Explained Shared Ownership Shared ownership means owning part of a property with another party (usually a Housing Association) and paying rent to them for the part that they own but allow you to live in. They do not live in the shared ownership property with you. You can increase your share…

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Especially for our London Buyers:

Especially for our London Buyers: Due to our relationships with both buyers and investors in London we have devised a few points that come up frequently when liaising with our commuters re-locating or investors wanting to make a more informed choice about the local area.   Milton Keynes as a property investment Opportunity The UK…

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Buy to Let Guide – Help Pack

  Buy to Let Advice Milton Keynes Existing or First Time Landlord Buyers Advice Milton Keynes   Buy to let continues to prove an attractive proposition to both existing landlords and people wishing to enter this exciting sector for the first time. With so many property owners having considerable equity in their main homes and…

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